Gostilna Krištof Restaurant

Modern Cuisine, Tradition, Unforgettable Experience


Family restaurant Gostilna Krištof is located in the heart of the Gorenjska region, more precisely in the village Predoslje near Kranj. The Ljubljana airport is less than half an hour drive away. Gostilna Krištof restaurant offers unlimited possibilities of culinary pampering in a pleasant atmosphere.

“Our goal is to make your visit to Gostilna Krištof restaurant special, therefore take your precious time for yourself, your family, friends, business partners and experience culinary pampering.”

Experience the boundless exploration of flavours, cosiness and unforgettable adventures.

Meet Krištof’s Team

The team behind the unforgettable experiences and creative menus are Krištof, Tomaž, Uroš, Žan, Martin, Matic, Jošt, Anica in Savka.

Gostilna Krištof restaurant is run by Krištof and Tomaž Bolka. Krištof takes care of the entire organization and business performance while Tomaž, with his sense of aesthetics and design, transforms the old traditional Gostilna Krištof to a modern up-to-date restaurant. The Head Master Chef Uroš Gorjanc and his culinary team are in charge of the cuisine and of the entire organization for its smooth running.

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Krištof’s Stories

Eko Glamping Resort Krištof

Eko Glamping Resort Krištof is located under the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, offering guests a unique and environmentally friendly way to enjoy the outdoors, contact with the rural surroundings and breathtaking views.

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Nežka’s House

Nežka’s House has been a part of Krištof’s Stories since 2012. It offers a chance to organize various events there and it makes its guests feel homelike and offers them a special experience. Guests can hire Nežka’s House to organize a celebration on their own or you let the organization of your celebration, wedding and similar events to us.

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A Self-Sufficient House, Pantry

A Self-Sufficient House, Pantry is located behind the restaurant and it used to be a village dairy. In cooperation with integration and intergenerational centre Stonoga (in eng: millipede) all the interested customers can order and pick up the boxes containing organic and locally produced products. They are delivered to A Self-Sufficient House by local farmers and Slovene suppliers of homegrown vegetables, cheese, beer, honey, etc.

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Cable Car Dinner

Dvor Jezeršek and Gostilna Krištof organize a culinary experience in a nice environment of The Kamnik-Savinja Alps. After the operating hours, the cable car gondolas of Krvavec are transformed into small, private, hovering restaurants. Enjoy the panoramic views of alpine surroundings and picturesque valleys and let the chefs of the well-renowned restaurants

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