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What concrete actions are you taking towards more sustainable and responsible gastronomy?

For almost two decades, Gostilna Kristof Restaurant has been involved in the diversity of actions promoting sustainable gastronomy. Every plate of Gostilna Krištof Restaurant is a masterpiece, which combines modern culinary trends with more than a hundred-year-long tradition of family catering in the Gorenjska region. Modern culinary ideas, which are linked to Slovenian tradition and global gastronomic trends, offer a wide range of dishes prepared from fresh, locally produced ingredients. The majority of the ingredients are produced locally, fully traceable, emphasizing sustainable agriculture and promoting local suppliers (organic fish farms, organic farms, flour supplied from a mill in a nearby village, etc.). Aligned with the offer, menus are change seasonally. Tap water is used rather than bottled water, while locally produced drinks are offered in a glass bottles. The waste management system enabling the recycling of certain materials is strictly followed. A culinary experience is complemented with creative and imaginative homelike eco-designed ambience promoting interior sustainability, complemented by a wine cellar with the focus on ecologically produced wines.

One of the well-known Krištof’s sustainable activities is the Self Supply House named Pantry. The house is located behind the restaurant and is used to be a village dairy. During the weekly events, organized in cooperation with Stonoga center, customers can order and pick up organic local products delivered by local farmers and suppliers of home-grown fruits, vegetables, dairy products, honey, beer, etc. The aim of the event is to promote a short supply chain and fair prices for customers and producers. More about the events can be found on: https://gostilnakristof.si/en/kristofs-stories/a-self-sufficient-house-pantry/.

According to the above description, the local environment, local and organic ingredients and above all, the aim to follow the global sustainable development goals is writing Krištof’s sustainable gastronomy success story.