Krištof team members also took part in the Cooperation Day

On Friday, 13 May, members of the Krištof team took part in the high-profile Cooperation Day event at Sv. Jošt above Kranj. Our chef Uroš Gorjanc, together with young souce chef Žan Triler, treated the guests to the traditional Slovenian dish “Žvarcet”, which is basically a veal goulash. Of course, Uroš wouldn’t be Chef Uroš if he hadn’t transformed this traditional dish into a more modern version inspired by Slovenian fishermen and made the dish from calamari. This way, guests could enjoy the “Žvarcet” with calamari on roasted polenta with tomato foam and fried basil.

foto: Rožle Pajntar – @rozzzy_shots